Magliner SR with 24″ Shelves


Magliner Senior (Modified) outfitted with 8” Wheel Conversion Kit
(Standard), Mag Senior 24” wide Top Shelf, Mag Senior 24” wide
Bottom Shelf and 30” HD Nose. Optional AC available with Standard,
GFCI or Spike Protection outlets.



The Magliner Senior Modified Cart was modified with the Videographer and Camera
Assistant in mind. Some of the alterations we’ve made are the replacement of the rear
5” stock wheels with 8” pneumatics with brakes, “U” Handle Bar outfitted with Grip Handles,
Nose and Frame re-enforcement, cart is pre-drilled to accept all bolt-on accessories.

Additional information

Weight 106 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 58 in


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