Magliner Self Stabilizing C-Stand Cart (UK)


Magliner Self Stabilizing UK Hand Truck with C-Stand Holder (Holds 10 C-Stands)

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The Magliner Self Stabilizing C-Stand Cart (UK) accomodates (10) C-Stands with individual storage for C-Stand Arms (20” & 40”). Knuckles can be stored in optional Utility Box. Cart is equipped with (2) 5” Rotacaster Double Row Multi- Directional Wheels in front and (2) 10” Pneumatic Wheels in the rear, you can turn this cart on a dime with minimal effort. Large 20” x 12 3/4” Base Plate secures C-Stands in place. Cart may be pushed using four wheels or leaned back on two wheels depending on your needs. Cart can also be leaned forward on it’s Base Plate to save space when not in use.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 51 in

Aluminum / Steel


Natural Aluminum / Black

Max. Capacity

1,000 lbs. / 454 kgs.


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