Video/Sound Transformer Cart with 8” Wheels


The Transformer Cart is a fully collapsible cart used for Video, Sound and Remote Head. It is held together by four vertical posts which attach to a Bottom, Middle and Top Shelf by using telescopic locks operated with a 5/32 Allen wrench. All accessories are attached in the same manner. Middle Shelf, Handles, Rack Mounts and all available accessories can be adjusted to your desired height. Additional Rack Mounts may be installed on rear section of cart for additional accessories.
Custom size vertical poles may be ordered to change height of cart.

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• Top Shelf (D22” x W22” x H1” ID) (56cm x W56cm x H2.5cm ID)
• Middle Shelf (Adjustable) (D19 1/4” x W20” x H1” ID) (L49cm x W51cm x H2.5cm ID)
• Bottom Shelf (D19 1/4” x W20” x H1” ID) (L50cm x W51cm x H2.5cm ID)
• (2) Front Vertical Posts (L1” x W1” x H28”) (L2.5cm x W2.5cm x H71.1cm”)
• (2) Rear Vertical Posts (L1” x W1” x H39”) (L2.5cm x W2.5cm x H99cm”)
• (2) 5/8” Baby Pins accommodate Monitors, Monitor Trays and accessories
• (2) 19” Adjustable Rack Mounts (length 24 3/4”) accommodate (14) Rack Mount spaces
Note: 1 Rack Mount space equals 1 3/4”
• (2) Handles with Cable Hooks
• (2) 5/8” Diameter Adjustable Axle Brackets outfitted with Sand/Dune Wheel Axle Receivers
• Wheels: (2) 8” Pneumatic Swivel Casters with Brake & (2) 16” Pneumatic Cable Crawlers
• Transformer system, fully collapsible

Additional information

Weight 68 lbs




Max. Capacity

800 lbs. / 227 kgs


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