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Super Duz-All with Stands and Equipment

Backstage Carts

Find detailed information on our grip and electric carts. From the classic Cable Cart (pg. 38) to one of our newer C-Stand Mini Carts (pg. 10). Our carts can be found in the biggest film and tv sets in the US and the world.

Magliner Carts

We are the biggest producer of modified Magliner carts. We have solutions for Camera Assistants, Steadicam Operators, Sound Mixers, and much more. Complete information on our carts and accessories is available in these pages.

TR-04 Camera Case Cart

The Aluminum Camera Case Cart is a fully collapsible cart. Cart breaks down to a self-contained travel case. Also available in a JR size.

ARRI Skypanel Carts

The ARRI Skypanel Lights are widely used in the industry. This collection of carts is designed to protect and facilitating the portability of the Skypanel product line.

TR-06 Flight Case Cart

This cart is in many ways identical to the TR-04, as many of it's accessories are compatible with this version. However the carts smaller footprint is ideal for those who need a more compact size.

TR-01 Transformer Carts

The Transformer Cart is a fully collapsible cart used for Video, Sound and Remote Head.Additional Rack Mounts may be installed on rear section of cart for additional accessories. Custom size vertical poles may be ordered to change height of cart.

TR-06 Mini Flight Case Cart

8% Lighter than similar models. Compact but just as practical. Most accessories are supported. This cart is a perfect companion for the individual who is on the constant move.

Magliner Self Stabilizing C-Stand Carts

One of our newest products, the Self Stabilizing Hand Truck. It accommodates (10) C-Stands with Arms and Knuckles.

Catálogo de carritos de Backstage

Aquí encontrará información sobre nuestros carros para empuñadura e iluminación. La información se presenta en español para su conveniencia.


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